(:retootOk::retootPlz:) Well would you look at that, I did a thing. :blobCockatiel:

I wanted to see if I could do "high-res spiriting", and I think it turned out well. Was really fun to work with too :blobCatHappy:

(CW: Picture contains cartoon blood)

Edit: Fixed up the preview (thanks @bonzoesc)

@katnjiapus @bonzoesc Would you put both sprites at the same size so we can compare the difference in resolution and details?

@katnjiapus I read it now.

Whoops, sorry, I meant, to upscale (by nearest neighbor) the original sprite to the size of the new sprite and put it side by side.

Thanks for the other image though.

@katnjiapus oh so the bits that bug me aren't the edges per se, but the shading under his (camera-left) chin that doesn't go to the edge; the pink pixels in the right-most part i cut ont

@katnjiapus yeah, spritework hard, and i've spent a bit of time looking at shading (for :splat_octo_girl: & :splat_octo_boy: )

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