Keep Fedi weird.
Keep it accessible to all.
Keep building truly special and supportive communities.
And keep it toxic to "influencers", corporate stooges, fascists and anyone else who wish to destroy what we've created here.

@katnjiapus The nice thing is if it gets too cluttered with bs you can just block the people and instances that post that kinda crap. I don't mind if those folks want to be here too as it lends its own sort of credence to the decen idea. There's room for all of us here.

@katnjiapus I don't think we'll have to worry about influencers so long as there isn't an algorithm to game or visible likes to farm, at least

@katnjiapus "fascists" have been around on the fedi and built their own communities therein for some time. they're kind of an integral, historically extant population across the network (which makes sense considering the neoliberal corporate networks keep purging them).

@katnjiapus I'll still invite influencer friends and average people over here. But yes to everything else.

@katnjiapus this post makes me want to follow you <3. May I please send a request?


I will say that this is what I like most about Federated things. Everyone retains their voice, and if there is someone who is causing real issues, you just mute them and move on with life.

@katnjiapus in twitter when tweets took off people always linked their soundcloud lol

Even best were those that took someone elses content, that took off and instead linking the source there was always a soundcloud link

@huntra oh I see :blobCatX3:

I'd be to embarrassed about linking, even if I had an account; my composing skills are so and so :blobCatShy: This time, the people built it. And we say what belongs on this platform and what doesn't.

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