Distinguishing ourselves from corporate social media and being proud of the culture we made here is a good thing actually.

Keep the tootin', growlin', barkin', meowin' or whatever noun your instance uses for expressing yourself!

@katnjiapus I unironically have a great^n-granddad who was born Finland and another who went to work there during WWII for unsavory reasons

@schratze Cool! But the ultimate test to your inner Finn is... Do you like salmiakki candy? :blob0w0:

food, alc 

@anarchiv @katnjiapus hehe no I like both the candy and the liquor

@katnjiapus nu vill jag ha en fåglodon-instans där det står "caw" när man skickar en toot

@katnjiapus Honestly, I think it should all just be put into a variable that can be changed by a user and inserted into the string, as is the case with some strings already. Some people will prefer post, some will prefer toot, etc.

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