"Norway is a snow filled country, right?"

Oh hunnie, do I got news for you.

@katnjiapus There’s a reason why the polar bears don’t stay on the mainland.

@katnjiapus even Norway don't have snow anymore ? Crazy actually I'm this kind of person who like snow specially as a IT Vampire xD

@vostronix We do, but it's more people expect the entirety to be some winter wonderland, when the south is like mainland Europa for the most part.

@katnjiapus that was actually the misconception that resulted in the most delay in convincing my wife to look into the possibility of immigrating to Norway. She doesn’t really do winter, and the idea of moving to a region stereotyped as being arctic was a pretty hard sell. But the US continues its downward spiral, and Norway pretty consistently hits the top X lists of places you want to be if you’re trans (our daughter), so I think she’s coming around.

@katnjiapus plenty of research left to do, and I need to step up my learning the language (was idly/slowly going through Duolingo anyway), but hopefully I’ll be working on the visa (I believe you call them something different there, but I kind of blue screened on what that term was) process in the bearish future. If not there, then somewhere our daughter will be safe.

@katnjiapus ugh, nearish, not bearish. Of all the things for Mastodon to take from Bird app, why the lack of an edit button?

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