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Saying today is a mariachi day is redundant because every day is a mariachi day

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Hello! I'm here and I'm super bi

I got it open! It took me 3 hours but I did it!!

I also haven't eaten anything since this morning bc I thought I was only gonna be here for a half hour to an hour max but then I spent 2 and a half hours trying fruitlessly to pry open a gas cannister

So my CO2 tank for the cell incubator ran out sometime last night/this morning and the cylinder cap on the new tank is completely rusted shut. I'm alone in lab so no one is here to help me and my labmates aren't answering me :oh_no: :a_blobfire:

Super smash area idea: abandoned denny's parking lot at 3am

Logically I understand that I had a 1/4 chance of being the first one to finish my final but I still don't like it

A trope that I love but doesn't get as much attention is "gang of well intentioned friends and family try everything they can to get two people to realize their feelings and get together, not knowing that said people have actually been together for good amount of time"

I remember in high school when I had to write a senior thesis paper and it had to be 10 pages double spaced and that was the longest thing I'd ever written

And now I write an 11 page paper single spaced in one night and think " damn i barely say anything!! I wish I had more space to write!"

Why are introductions and conclusions so difficult to write??

I came on here to post something else and then I remembered that I left my tea on the counter but it's all good it's still nice and hot somehow!

petition for 50 more people to make a tootsite account before 2020

Hot starburst take 

Netflix put my favorite show back online challenge I miss it

How the hell is it midnight it was 9:30pm 5 minutes ago


Academia? More like MACADAMIA! Because you're all NUTS!


Disney made a killing off of an entire franchise about pirates and how cool piracy is and then they expect me NOT to pirate their stuff?

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