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For those who can't donate 

This and similar youtube videos are circulating where all ad revenue will go to an organization to help the cause.

Especially with the quarantine, unemployment, etc. Not everyone has the means to donate. Here's how you can help.

This video is 1hr long and is a compilation of art and music from black artists. Turn off your adblock, don't pause or skip, and either sit back and watch or plug in your headphones and go about your business!

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Donation Links hosts Non-profits where you can directly donate. Lake Street Council is dedicated to helping small locally-owned businesses that are affected by COVID and the riots.

Minnesota Freedom Fund is dedicated to providing bail for both Georgo Floyd Rioters and ICE detainees.

If you're in the US, I highly recommend looking into local organizations that may need help and am more than happy to help you find any.

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Everytime I see ACNH I, without fail, think: Assassin's Creed New Horizons

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Saying today is a mariachi day is redundant because every day is a mariachi day

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I really hate their food?? But all I want is a shitty hamburger from McDonald's for some weird ass reason

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#Wildcat #Walkout! 😎

"...before they locked up after their last shift on Monday, they tendered their resignations and taped them to the glass door.

β€œClosed indefinitely because Dollar General doesn’t pay a living wage or treat their employees with respect,” one sign written in black marker reads.

β€œ#Capitalism will destroy this country,” reads another. β€œIf you don’t pay people enough to live their lives, why should they slave away for you?” #Labor #ShutThemDown

Trying not to be pissed that all I had to do was double reagent concentration just be happy it worked lex lmaoo

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I’m currently looking for work. If anyone has any programming contracts available, please let me know.

At this point in time, if anyone can help me by supporting me on Patreon I’d greatly appreciate it while I persue a stable income.

Our instance mascot is cuter than yours :bobSmug:​

At this point I'm beyond begging for good data just give me usable data so that I can move on from this damn project

okay but why does it need to take 10 business days to unsubscribe me from your shitty email list that i never signed up for in the first place

really wish I could share my research without doxxing myself lol

In my case, the reason why I know I have bad data is because every single time I run the experiment, I get different results! Results that defy logic, but in a new and surprising way each time!

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You'll also often see internal standard and controls (negative and positive controls). These samples in which you know what the outcome will be so that if you don't see that expected outcome, you know something went wrong and you likely cannot trust your experimental data.

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However! Sometimes the actual result/phenomena is not the one you expected and thus at first glance, doesn't make logical sense. This is partly where the second question comes in.

A good traditional research design will include replicates or some way to check your work. These will be identical experiments that should not vary significantly (and by that I mean statistically speaking). If you get that negative correlation, but every time you do the experiment you get a negative correlation, it is time to stop and think. Is this the actual result you should be getting? Is it due to error? I usually do all my experiments in groups of 3 replicates. This way, I can get a standard deviation - good data has a small standard deviation and a large sample size (more replicates = better lol)

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These are not gospel. Good data is data that makes logical sense - for example, I have a calibration curve. As I add more sample, I should see increased response. Pretty standard. However, if I don't see that positive correlation - say, either the responses are all over the place and there's no correlation or there's a negative correlation - then this does not make logical sense. The result is most likely due to an error. Either in my pipetting, the instrument, contamination, etc.

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I don't remember who asked but someone on here asked me a while back (and I forgot to respond lol sorry) about basically how do I know if data is "good" or not. How do I decide if an experiment is actually exhibiting whatever phenomena I've seen or I'm just collecting biased data.

Basically your data needs to pass two tests: 1) does it make logical sense and 2) is it repeatable?

Actual question: I have an internal presentation in 2 weeks that I need to show data for. All of my samples are good and ready to go except for 1. For some reason, 2 of my 3 replicates got degraded and while I can re-purify and get what I need, it's going to take a while for the chemicals I need to do so to come in.

So, is it acceptable to present 1 of those replicates as the tentative result and just say that we're waiting on more data to confirm? Or should I not even show it at all? It's kind of my most important sample too lol and I won't even be able to completely re-do it until July.


Me: *popping into the Zoom meeting, looking like i haven't slept in 8 days* yo whadup prof everything is SHIT :blobFingerGuns:​

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