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Hello! I'm here and I'm super bi

Wtf are 90% of you even talking about in the fediverse

Regardless I guess I can't leave until my laundry's done so

Hmmmm do I be healthy and go to the gym this morning...or do I be productive and start cleaning/edit my paper....

I must get strong to carry and/or defend my gf from attackers

As weird as it sounds I really like walking up mildly sore after a hard workout. Its like i can feel my muscles getting stronger lol

@laughwhilecrying i wanna take u there and we can be real cute together :blob_cat_peek:

The nice thing about being an adult is that no one can tell you not to eat pancakes for dinner. The bad thing is that you have to wash the dishes

Guess who's gonna make pancakes for dinner lol

R code issue 

is anyone on here proficient in R?

I'm trying to create a graph with a legend but my legend keeps overlapping my graph no matter how i orient it :/

i also wanna write but i have work that i need to do.....which makes me wanna write even more....

I'm wearing a cute sundress I wanna go frolic in a meadow filled with flowers

@ people who get mad when someone says "retoot" : do you hate fun

I don't know why I keep doing the stair machine at the gym I literally climb the stairs to get to my office every day

@laughwhilecrying i think if your cowgirl side and my kpop stan side were a mashup it's be the old town road remix ft RM

I woke up this morning feeling saucily bisexual.

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