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Saying today is a mariachi day is redundant because every day is a mariachi day

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Hello! I'm here and I'm super bi

I just think that vanilla skyrim should have given me the option to romance demon princes

You know at least all my experiments fail in a way that confuses literally everyone I talk to like its not just me being dumb and not getting it no one has any clue why this is happening lol

Alc (-) 

i often play games on the easiest difficulty, and when they are available, i will use modes to make games even easier


Literally the only thing is missing is an emoji of pikachu with a cowboy hat and I would remedy this myself if i knew how to make it

People who have entire timelines down to the day in their stories are so much stronger than me. How long did it take these characters to move cross country? Did they meet days or years ago? How old are they at this point in the story? Idk man I just work here time isn't real

Listen here, mainstream social media sites. Your option to โ€œshow me this less oftenโ€ should be โ€œshow me this neverโ€.

geralt of rivia is a horse girl. i will not be taking questions

The other 20% are shows that I don't trust with that privilege

80% of all of the shows I've watched would just be so much better if they let the main characters be gay

Now they're playing the police's message in a bottle who tf has a party on a tuesday night/Wednesday morning?

I wish terrible things on my neighbors who wont shut tf up at 1am on a Wednesday - like permanently losing their voices, getting stuck in traffic every day, every radio station playing the exact same song for the rest of their lives, or never being able to sleep again

The Witcher, ableism 

The Witcher, ableism 

The Witcher, ableism 

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