kinda lewd, scam emails lol 

So there's this account I have that got hacked a few years ago, but it's fine because I change the password every so many months because I constantly forget it. Well I just go a bunch of those "I know your password and I got access to your email and contacts and I'm going to send all your porn to your contacts if you don't pay be bitcoin" and it is taking EVERYTHING i have not to reply back and ask them "how did you know I have a blackmail kink?"

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kinda lewd, scam emails lol 

@laughwhilecrying i get those mails every so often too because i got pwned via SHEIN back in like 2016 or sth lmao and for the longest time i forgot i even had an account there so naturally i never changed the password, good thing i did change passwords on all my other accounts so like it was fine i was just like.... now where in the hell did i still use that one password adkshsksj

re: kinda lewd, scam emails lol 

@pikachu wjdydhdgdh thats exactly the website that I got pwned from lmaooo

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