@akai ok well I still wanna show u my tits irl sometime sooo

just trust me that they're getting quite. big now

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I wanted to post a pic of my tits but I can't get the lighting right sorry

looking at porn of femboys call that "watching The Boys"


@deejvalen yeah! I really missed it tbh!!

catboy thighs 💜 

@catboi omg I need these

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@mark from experience I can tell you that I would in fact struggle uwu


also I tried wax play this weekend and it was really nice and yeah,,

@Mae yeah that's me
to disambiguate between Emilis (og Emil) and me (sus Emil)

me: I wanna dom u
them: sissy Emil
me: so true 🥺 hurt me

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I have. a bruise on my arm and I think I'll be v sad when it's gone tbh

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