@meave No but I do wish that were the case

I'd maybe even consider letting this admin share Hellraven as a footrest with me

@meave this is the raddest thing ever wtf that cant be legal
@meave makes it even radder, the be gay do crime skellington is looking down from heaven in approval

@meave my admin has those socks but they don't go that high

@meave Do you have working heat blower? Because that's damn hot

@meave we have a similar taste in programming socks 😀

@meave I.. I was half joking.

As a in the eye of the beholder. 😅

Looking hot 🔥

capitalism I guess? 

@meave genuine question, where did you get those boots, they look amazing!!

capitalism I guess? 

@meave is there an english or german version of this? (I know the store exists in germany aswell, I just have no clue how to switch the language

capitalism I guess? 

@taminaminam you'll have to search the name up on zalando.de/?_rfl=en ig

capitalism I guess? 

@taminaminam shoud be, ye!

capitalism I guess? 

@meave nuuuu, they don't currently have my size, sad

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