hey! I'm meave, a speedy little wolf girl living in the cold capital of Norway

I enjoy consuming a lot of oestrogen and cofe whilst administering tootsite! :babaTootsite::blobCatMlem:

my passions are typewriters, analogue music and photography, my partners, printers, making food for my partners, being gay, analogue paperwork and filing (weird I know) and cuddling with my partners

I really love my partners and flirting with mutuals

the dream is a large villa or castle filled with cuties

flirts are always ok, especially if you're femme ;*

basically a commie, but like, a kind one (unless you're a landlord) :hammerAndSickle:

definitely not NT (prolly ADHD)

trans, poly, bi sapphic, switch/vers and kinky :blobCatHeartTrans:

you can ask for telegram, snap, discord, switch if you're a mutual!

I have a lewd alt: @eptirmyrkrit
and an onlyfans:

if you wanna follow me, please have a bio with something substantial in it

disclaimer: also, I do boost lewd stuff, act lewd and all that jazz so if you're a minor, I'd prefer if you didn't interact with those things

I'm not your mum however, but please respect this wish

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