grandma visiting: so are you sure about this?
me: this what? sweats in transfem
gm: about this vegan thing?

to my grandma, me being trans is not a problem, but being vegan is lol

So I've been told by my mum that she has been instructed to not comment on any trans or gay stuff. So I'm not sure about her actual opinion but whatever lmao

@meave she worries that you should have enough nutrients, that's cute :3

@northern_dude nutrition is no problem, and I only miss cheese I explained to her x33

casually transphobic maybe this reminds me of when my brother went vegan and our late grandma's sister (retired nurse) at some family occasion months ago was like, "soy? but it has estrogen! unless that's what he wants hahaha" and me and him just rolling eyes

(she was close just got the person wrong huh)

casually transphobic maybe 

@michcio hahahadhaha

@meave excellent grandma: just worried about how you're doing, not what.

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