CW selfie, ec 

last days of summer have been nice

My nesting partner @lesbian_subnet and I have visited my hometown Ålesund and celebrated pride there. Having the colonialist swine queen pussy boss liz was also a welcome ending to our trip lol

I'll post more pictures of the trip when we're home in Oslo, see y'all soon <33

:blobHeartTrans: :retootPlz:

CW selfie, ec 

@lesbian_subnet also our flagpole with the trans flag was the highest in the march hecc ye

someone boosted this image onto my tl!! if this feels uncomfy coming from a Stranger i'm so sorrey!! 

@meave @lesbian_subnet cute cute cute cute!!

re: selfie 

@meave gosh you always look so nice

re: selfie 

@bun weh thank you~~~

re: selfie, ec 

@meave @lesbian_subnet Glad you enjoyed your summer and your trip to your hometown. 💖 Its so important to be able to return to your roots every once in a while. ✨

re: CW selfie, ec 

@meave @lesbian_subnet how are you so pretty im dying send help 😍​😍
Also that shirt is so cute and compliments you and your hair color so well omg, I love your hair so much

re: CW selfie, ec 

@laughwhilecrying @lesbian_subnet kdnnioniefleryohpRyjryjfnefn I'm blushing in the airport weh

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