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role reversal you're making the sandwich (not asked for) and the braless wife is the one gaming

re: sadposting, trans 

I think the hardest part of this all is that I know a lot of my problems could be solved by just asking for an assessment for an ADHD diagnosis and potentially get meds or whatever, but that might make the trans process more difficult (will not elaborate)

so it's kind of a mess

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re: sadposting, trans 

@carbontwelve not hollow at all :blobCatHug:

re: sadposting, trans 

@LittleFox thanks for the affirmation though))

re: sadposting, trans 

@LittleFox and I know that, but my brain has a hard time internalising it

re: nothing, trans 

@michcio it's very easy to take those people and then combine that with like AGP-pseudoscience and then you've got a whole thing going which is inherently transphobic

sadposting, trans 

Started crying yesterday before I fell asleep without knowing exactly what is wrong. There are just so many things happening right now and it's hard to know how to handle things.

Luckily one of my partners was there, and mandatory blåhaj ofc. At the same time, I feel bad because I know that other trans people in Norway are fucking worse than me and I kind of have the audacity to complain about my life somehow.

I know I shouldn't feel bad and that I have the equal right to complain and be sad, but I can't shake the feeling weh

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re: nothing, trans 

like sure, it's a funny joke, but some people are actually more serious and that kinda irks me a bit

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nothing, trans 

kinda not comf with the deeper implications of "if you can't get a gf, become the gf"

re: food adj 

@charlotte do the most that you can, if you have the occasional animal-derived product, that still better than eating an omelette daily. I think it's more useful to think of vegan/vegetarian as a spectrum where you do what you can within your range of abilities. Kinda like Marxism ig.

@charlotte I used them last time so I thought to change it up to make it more ambiguous ;* but yes, will do ~


want to hold her hands so much aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@annika that, and "is this highly specific lesbian flag that nobody actually uses transphobic or not"

you know, the usual

re: trans, ?? 

@charlotte yes, I love him but also fuck you john you beautiful bastard

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trans, ?? 

ever seen a femboy that passes as a binary woman better than you and like, you really feel happy for them even though passing is not necessarily their goal, and at the same time you're kinda pissed that they are that lucky and apparently not trans so ultimately it "doesn't matter"?

yeah, same

hmm nothing is happening...

time to start pride flag discourse!

re: Selfie ec boost appreciated 

@Amber thanks cutie :3

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