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mean pitch of the clip above is 220 hz ish, but that's mainly because clip is so short and it's one of those "single statement sentences" which always goes down in pitch for me, as well for others I assume.

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My VT told me today to aim for 240 hz average pitch and to have my resonance slightly more even across the whole vowel range.

She also told me to start to speak to people and eeeeeeh. I don't like that. I have literally 0 confidence even with my mouth shut :p

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oh and this is my voice btw, but what my VT and I call "ideal voice". "Practical voice", or daily driver voice, is lower in pitch, has more vocal fry and is perceived less femme imo.

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It's weird to hear Linus Torvalds speak in Finnish.

Mainly because I've mostly ever heard him speak English.

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sitting in one of those classes where ur brain just turns off but slowly and at some point ur really just dozing off in front of your prof

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nsfw tootsite propaganda 

new tootsite version will suck u off when u join

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Gender differences in voice pitch 

@meave Male and female norms for pitch are indeed *wildly* different by language. From my phonetics lecture notes:

(Male vs female average)
English: 107 Hz vs 195 Hz
Mandarin: 129 Hz vs 213 Hz
Shanghainese: 170 Hz vs 187 Hz
French: 145 Hz vs 226 Hz
Japanese: 150 Hz vs 340 Hz

Does make me wonder if English-speaking men are trying extra-hard to sound Not Female. And if Japanese women are trying to sound very, very young.

selfie, no ec, boost if you're a meave enjoyer 

ready to go out in the summer weather :3

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eyy it's time for fedi to criticise using a CDN with absolutely no alternative solution letsgooooo

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Oil pastels colourful skull thing 

Took about an hour and a quarter. Paul Rubens oil pastels on A4 size Canson 160g sandpaper ^.^
The longest I've spent on one yet, and the biggest, on proper paper too. Stepping it up!

#MastoArt #OilPastels #PastelPosse

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:retootPlz:​ What were some of the most helpful tips (or maybe THE most helpful tip in singular) when feminising your voice through voice training?

In addition, if you speak multiple languages, how do you feel voice feminisation is different in your languages, if at all?

at least for us here in europe, I bet it's different wherever y'all are lol

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we're behind cloudflare and we're doing fine so far 🤷‍♀️

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Eating bangers and mash
No spices
Removing the rights of trans people
Simple as

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