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antivaxxer goth who refuses to listen to The Cure

trying to work on correcting my translation (on the right) using the file our prof made and edited in class (on the left) and just looking at it makes my brain go brrrr executive dysfunction

Swimwear selfie / boosts ok 

I have acquired my first bikini 🙈 Bandeau tops are really flattering for people with broad shoulders!

#bikini #swimwear #trans #selfie

and if you're doing it towards other femme people on the same instance, maybe don't be surprised when we block your ass

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sliding into my dms after complementing a picture of me for the first time is a weird look and you should stop doing that ok thanks

FediBlock due to pedophilia, blockbot, and racism. possibly more, even

You play the bass?? What sound does the fish make?! :O

cw photo ec 

taken at oslo pride

📷 : @cityjeans (she's a sorceress)


Making an art a day day 8 

i was getting too predictable and complacent so i did something completely different. have some abstract cartoonyness

i always get bored when i do the same thing for too long, which is a blessing and a curse

also trans colors!!!!!! finally

PSA: People need time to be by themselves.

If someone says, "hey, I need a few minutes alone," you should respect that. People do all kinds of things in that time, including decompressing, reflecting, and planning.

Sometimes they don't do any of those things, but you should still give them space. When a person is NOT given space, they are going to react pretty negatively to stressors, and it's only going to get worse.

going to a party and the theme is jungle so it was an excuse to wear the trashiest outfit i could put together

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