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fascists: trans people want to indoctrinate our children!!!

liberal allies or whoever: no!! that's not true!!

me, local trans person: I hate the both of you and also I would very much like to do that, actually. hey kids, see that cop? his name is officer piggy

trans, meds 

boobs still growing so that's good, now they're around a good handful and they show no signs of stopping so kinda exited about the prospects

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trans, meds 

getting less tired lately from the hormones, despite my testosterone is still at sub 1 nmol/L and my oestradiol is soon over 0.40. Things are finally stabilising to levels I want them to be and that's pretty good.

currently at 12.5mg of cypro every fourth day, and 150mcg/d patch that is changed every fourth day

meave is back kinda 

so I'll be slowly sneaking myself back onto fedi with a few things to note:

  • my mh isn't great and I may mute or block people I find straining to my mh
  • don't flirt with me
  • I will not engage with questions regarding moderation, I'm only sysadmin
  • I may be slow at responding, please be patient with me

happy being back tho <3

selfie, no ec, boost if you're a meave enjoyer 

ready to go out in the summer weather :3

:retootPlz:​ What were some of the most helpful tips (or maybe THE most helpful tip in singular) when feminising your voice through voice training?

In addition, if you speak multiple languages, how do you feel voice feminisation is different in your languages, if at all?

selfie ec, boosts appreciated 

So happy to be both very straight and very cis. Yup, that's me /s

remember kids:

never put any real information online, you never know when you might change your gender

cw selfie ec, I'm super happy because 

because nose ring real now!!!

yeah, I'm happy~~ :blobCatHeartTrans:

selfie ec, boost if you're gay 

work attire, but it slightly gay and my mum think the short is too short

what does fedi think..? :thinkHappy:

If you are setting your torrent client to "English (GB)" you are technically not pirating.

You are privateering.

cw selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

if you're seeing this
you're gay

banning homophobes is literally the reason why mastodon is not an open platform

:sparklesGay:​ get yeeted on :sparklesGay:

cw underwear 

so I think I have all the elements for the maid costume...


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