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Hi ^ I'm Mi/Mimi/\mira (21, she(/he))

extrovert with social anxiety, lesbian by popular demand, aspiring sex object, black belt in impostor syndrome

some labels: ​:flagBi::flagPolyamAgatha::flagAromantic::flagEnby::flagTrans::circleA:

I have a music alt @mira where I post about the noises I make. I release music to bandcamp at

Sometimes I make the mistake of trying to make computers do something. Any cursed results normally end up at

I'm a bri'ish immigrant living in Switzerland with my gf and I've been trying to learn German since March so you're more than welcome to talk at me in German and I'd be more than happy to stare extremely confused at it for 10 minutes ^

I use this account for making friends, not accumulating parasocial followers, so I'm not gonna accept a follow request unless I've seen you on my tl enough to kinda know you, or you introduce yourself first.

Nice to meet you! ^

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omg thank u

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the /hj tone marker indicates the speaker is giving the listener a handjob while speaking


hm tonight i think i will fall asleep thinking about girldick,,,

"captain you do that every night"

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also hiiiii ur pretty, kiss me instead of trying to harrass me on instagram

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i also need the rest of my twitter absolutely explodes. love to speak on that sigma maia #grindset (doing absolutely nothing)

Ah yes, 2:40am. The perfect time to get out the chainsaw...

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im not saying twinks on my latest invention, a biblically accurate linux desktop environment

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someone should give up and try to kill you

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a chiropractor is a baby

I have literally no idea what a "package" is because it's a per-file directive but imports seem to be by directory, but the "package" line is mandatory even though the compiler could get that information from the filename but it doesn't even seem necessary because you don't import by file...

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I forgot how much having to read docs while writing code feels like wading through concrete.

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If a client has a keypair and a server knows the public key, what does the client need to do to prove to the server that it controls the private key? Does it just need to use it to sign some random text? Or does it need to be specific text? Something else entirely?

Ok I'm curious. The first drop in this (starts around 38s) is written one way but I hear it another way. It's written as:

Build into [1 bar off, 3 bars on] * 4

But I can only hear it as:

Build then 1 bar fakeout into [3 bars on, 1 bar off] * 4 but the last bar is missing

(cw flashing lights)

gay lesbian vampire lyrics 

What am I supposed to do, but sink my teeth in you?
I starve without you on my lips, I die without the taste of it
What am I supposed to be when you sink your teeth in me?
'Cause I live for the way you move, I'd die without the taste of you

This is an example of squeex, an audio compression codec specifically tuned for the reproduction of cute animal noises.

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