tech elitism 

What's with some people being so elitist about having HJKL or IJKL as the cursor keys?

Like ok use those if you(general you, not you as in the reader) want but I don't like it so I use the arrows and that better be okay with you(general you again)

Ableism / ways people talk about prince Phillip 

Hey folks. Please consider that your jokes about a bad persons personal appearance only hurts others not them. Because it applies to Phillip.

Because I am sick and I will hopefully get old. I am on a medication that long term causes hair loss and skin discolouration.
I will likely look like that when I am an old man.

Prince Phillip is dead and won’t be affected by being called a ‘zombie’ and ‘rotting’. Older and younger people who are chronically ill or dying and look like that will.

He was evil because he was a racist facist piece of shit. Not because he looked sick and old.

Tumblr dying has to be one of the best thing to happen to me online-wise :blobBlush:​ I've met so many of you that are so awesome and amazing and fill me with genuine joy. I've befriended some kickass and truly unique folks through my experience here, and hopefully I've yet to meet more through the platform.

Just wanted that off my chest; love you all :blobCatHeartPride:

@namtari g-gay????? On our good Christian TOOT.SITE main??????

i'm officially announcing the launch of Gay 2.0
it's like gay, but more

a Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution diagramme, but it shows gay feels in relation to gay on main

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horseshoe theory, but it's about being uber gay or straight

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a phase diagram, but it's the amount of gay you are

triple point is bi/pan

guys, imagine like... being gay

ON MAIN 😳​😳​

the funnest fact: the only reason I started drawing again is because my upscale technique didn't work on an image (attached) that I wanted to print.

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fun fact: I had a drawing tablet (non-screen kind) when I was a kid and unfortunate events made it so that I lost it and I didn't draw again until recently

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