good "morning"
I had salad and cidre for "breakfast"

lewd, shut the fuck up Domino 

lefties are people who masturbate using their left hand

#Piracy (copying) is not theft. However forcing people to pay money to copy what they already own is absolutely theft.
#FreeCulture #Copyleft

I now have a terminal connection to the thin-client whenever I turn on the typewriter. It's a bit wonky, like it starts up with a long ass error code then every time it prints a clear shell prompt, it repeats it two times because reasons.

One other had the same problem so I'm not really sure if it's fixable.

Poland, police brutality, selfharm, possible murder 

Yeah, so uh, mother and her son with schizophrenia went picking mushrooms, son had a small knife for cutting those mushrooms, when they were going back, they split. he is said to be after multiple suicide attempts.

Later people from neighbourhood called police because there was a guy that had a knife and had blood on him, and so, police decided to shoot that schizophrenic man, they shot him 5(FIVE) times and is in coma right now.

Mother of that guy went to police to say he's lost, and while he already was in hospital, they said they didn't know where he is, obviously she felt they lied to her.

poland. 2021. abortion is illegal, police can just kill anyone they want, and schools are required to hide people with worst disabilities whenever minister of education is visiting them. is this some weird way to eugenics

in related news, some things are added to my "painful list"

  • 110 baud connection
  • unaligned thermal paper
  • incongruence between character sets
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I've been working on a moderation tool, but I've kinda given up on it because it's firstly not democratic, and it really didn't ease up the pressure on admins. Quite the contrary, it was a part of why I had to take a break from fedi. So the approach is definitely spreading the responsibility, accountability and availability across the instance. Centralisation and black boxes bad.

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A democratic approach to moderation would not be to give in to algorithmic timelines as nothing would really be "automated", unless you consider voting a member of that category.

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Democratic moderation per instance would be ideal, for example a perpetual poll concerning where to direct certain moderation actions.

The report system is inefficient and slow, and I think such a system would lower the bar for users voicing their opinions and it'd ease the responsibility on mods.

A very similar tool (at least in spirit) is the shinigami eyes browser extension that mark thing as trans positive or anti-trans.

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it's super hard to do pre-emptive moderation with vanilla masto imo, at least in a sufficient manner, and the answer isn't to do centralised moderation decisions I think. It's way too much power and responsibility. Admin/user power difference is already problematic enough.

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Having an instance is great, but having an understanding of which of my friends follow which of my friends would be great too

I know many people are running it on their servers, but it's hard to find the repos of such, if they even exist, that is.

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can we get a thread going on moderation and anti-harassement tools to use with mastodon? I'm thinking used by either users, admins or both.




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