This is your regularly unscheduled reminder to add text descriptions to your media posts. Mastodon has an built-in OCR function, y'all!

This platform is one of the few that has some accessibility features for inclusion of blind and visually impaired folks. Alt text is also great to use to include some context.

To see alt text, simply hoover over picture with the mouse pointer. Some Masto forks also adds the alt text as it's own text field under media posts.

It feels weird when art tutorials approach "how to draw boys!"/"how to draw girls!" as if they're different species. Certainly study why something looks feminine/masculine to you, but don't let it limit you! #arttips

tfw when you wanna make dental appointments state subsidised

dysphoria --- 

In the dark nobody can see you and I can't see me hmm

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dysphoria --- 

why do mirrors exist? Fuck, why do eyes exist even. The only camera that should exist is the fucking Hubble telescope

Admin protip

If your user sends a hate speech or bigoted DM, you ban them. The first time it happens.

Hope this helps

re: gender bull, + 

just to make things clear, she is jealous of my eyebrows, it wasn't necessarily that clear

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gender bull, + 

I curled my eyelashes
now my SO hates me


:retootOk:​, question:

Going to get a new wireless router; does anyone have any recommendations? Preferably ones that can handle high traffic and is compatible with third-party Linux firmware

Meta, PSA / Reminder 

Mastodon neither started nor standardised the Fediverse, it is merely the most well-known server. The Fediverse was developing before Mastodon, and if Mastodon starts to decay the Fediverse will comfortably outlive it.

And so will all your crazy nichey subcultures.

Don't worry.

Cancel culture is a cringe term, I think disposability culture reflects the problem in the left better.

Individual leftists especially trans women and black and indigenous leftists are treated as disposable for expressing needs that go against the selfish interests of privileged leftists.

Cancel culture on the other hand has been poisoned by butthurt celebrities.

re: Mastodon meta, shitposting 

Had to get this out of my head.

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Custom designed sticker, tech; CW: implied lewd text 

So, this happened today. 😅

(I may have overhyped with the "fancy" part last week, but the rainbow chrome effect *is* really neat TBH)

The production isn't 100% sharp, but in general it looks good, especially at some distance.

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