re: Fediblock: alt-righters, covid denialist , nazis, fake news++ 

some more info: is a Norwegian alt-right instance that pushes fake news through their Norwegian propaganda blog ( as well as linking to other fake news articles (for example and to a Norwegian alt-right propaganda machine called Resett (as seen here In addition, they are also attempting to spread covid denialism (

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How to identify white supremacists:

Step 1: condemn white supremacy in unequivocal terms.

Step 2: wait for white people to get offended.

Step 3: you have found the white supremacists.

Fediblock: alt-righters, covid denialist , nazis, fake news++ 

the instance houses fake news such as covid denialism, alt-right propaganda (for example this user, racist and alt-right "alt." media ( along with the admin's own propaganda blog (

Most of it is in norwegian, so let me be the first one to apologise that our country house such garbage

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The Norwegian butter crisis began in late 2011 with an acute shortage of butter and inflation of its price across markets in Norway. The shortage caused soaring prices and stores’ stocks of butter ran out within minutes of deliveries. According to the Danish tabloid B.T., Norway was gripped by smør-panik (“butter panic”) as a result of the butter shortage.

Are there any resources on making emoji codes (the ones between the colons) more screen reader friendly?

Right now there are many inconsistencies in our emoji names as well as being usually in one word, lower case and without either underscores or hyphens.

So what's the best way of doing this? Please boost :retoot_plz:

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I had an really random shower though yesterday with the whole sea shanties being a thing for a while. So I doodled this

If @namtari ever hosts a tracker, I got the logo at least :angry_laugh:


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Very important poll(not really), please boosn 

Have you ever eaten pierogi?
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postgres is when you bash your head against the wall in frustration and the wall says "ok fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp"

a standardised skin colour match system for makeup would be greatly appreciated ngl

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foundation I bought was too light, even for my pale ass fml

will the real mommy milkers please stand up

mfers be complaining about complicated gender terms and subsequently order a latte with a name worthy of battling even the most intricate IUPAC names

alt. term for beautiful butt 


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You stand accused of having uttered the phrase, "Mommy milkers" unironically. How do you plead?

"Not cringe, your honor."

[Angry whispers erupt throughout the courtroom]

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Ajdbdvr don't mind me just over here losing my mind that I have to specifically request that websites "do not sell my personal information" and watch them try to guilt trip me into not doing that

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