don't you just wish that your cat was a tiger or something so you could hug them

however, knowing how easygoing and lenient my parents are, I can't help feeling very privileged about my situation

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sometimes, I just have to pause korean dramas because wtf

I know they are representing stereotypes, but still sometimes it's just hard to watch

so I might have gotten a job and I might be moving to norway 👀

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I absolutely do not care how old I get blanket forts are the shit

if my offspring comes out to me, I will just respond

it do be like that sometimes

when I over explain something and simultaneously wear a read t-shirt I kinda feel like tom scott, but less eloquent

I really want the etymology for "it do be like that"

Like I say it all the time now, but which (sub)culture did it got borrowed from? What's it's history?

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semiconductor companies can't cook. all they know is cause disaster, hide the datasheet, bicker over intellectual property, sell hot chip & lie

"chefs" on youtube trying to not use colander to drain the rice

not even once

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happy bi visibility day to all my bi siblings :bisper: :blobS2bi: :heart_eyes_cat_bi: :heart_bi: :sparkles_bi: :sparkle_heart_bi:

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bi visibility, biphobia 

saw a post for bi visibility day on insta that was an artwork of a hypothetical bi-only dating app and ofc people got mad and it ofc it was cis lesbians saying it is lesbophobic lol guess why we want our own spaces 🙃

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does anybody have an aesthetic bi-toned pic (kinda like my pfp) that i could post on insta for bi visibility day? With credit ofc if you want

To Chinese people (and other people with tonal languages), when people try to do the tones of your language, is it appreciated or is it so often butchered that it's a lost cause?

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