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Since Destiny 2 went f2p, I created The Official Tootsite clan™️

Join if you like to dunk on the Vex

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when you don't understand them but you love them equally as much anyway

problem: being alone
solution: dox yourself

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imagine writing nonfree software for the fediverse

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2019 is the year I actively used tootsite, masto and fedi, perhaps that was a good decision!

her latest repertoire includes and other ok boomer jokes

my mom has started to make derivative jokes on the movement

I'm pretty sure she thinks she's pretty dank rn

add me on switch pleb 6866-2719-1579

@adamanthorse You know, because 3l1it3 g4m3r5 play with dorito dusted keycaps

fun fact: @adamanthorse wasn't a gamer until I brainwashed her

she's still a joystick pl3b though

@adamanthorse not that she is going to respond; she's too busy with destiny and finding out how much gamefreak fucked up this time

@adamanthorse is asleep so I eat the rest of her burger

git rekt

cw* my excuse is that vw is very close on my keyboard because dvorak

I like being special

hey gurl I do ring fit on switch, watch me flex

I probably should cv this, but yall know I'm a lousy admin ;*

thing is, I bought liqueur yeast (hetvin gjaer) from norway, and because I was in a rush I didn't think it was going to be this strong uwu

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