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food health inspector person come close down the restaurant i work at so i can actually just not work anymore

here's a picture for your deep thots, take this flat earthers

I almost got into a car accident a little earlier and I had to pull over and almost cried lol. I HATE impatient drivers like chill tf out and let me live you wad of used chewing gum

I killed nazis in Wolfenstein today, but since I felt I was deviating from my centrism, I threw a grenade at my allies.

It's been 2 months already since I came out as nonbinary on here :heart_nb: :blobcatmlem:

a thread of 3481 millenials replying with: same

everyone vote on eve's poll for pokemon editions, it's a life and death poll and she has to pick the RIGHT version, if you know what I mean

akdjshsh whattttt imagine sitting in your basement thinking "hurrbdur this person makes me SO mad. i am going to follow them, epic fail for them"

aaaaaaaand more thunderstorms, going offline again I guess :blobshrug:

got called an aggressive bitch by a man today, but guess what, it was a joke, Haha Ha Ha.

im the queen of dropping and spilling semi-expensive skincare products

Me: *searches for short lab coats*
Google: kay showing results for kid's medical lab coats

i could go to sleep now, or i could start making a sim. hmmmmmm

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