Poll on gender expression in gaming:

So would you, for example, as an man, play as a female, etc...

I'd really like this poll to get a bit of reach so we can get a better oversight into interesting statistics such as these


some clarifications:

it should a been *as a male*, as in "as a male player".

assigned was not meant as in AF/MAB, but as in what gender you currently are assigned, which, of course, can be non binary or any other gender or combination of such

hence, option 4 is thus a question of "if a game allows oneself to play as the gender one is currently expressing"

And option 3 is that one decides not to play games, or a majority of games, because one's gender is not possible to express

another option I wish I could have added was "I'm not able to play as my gender of choice, but still play"

I posted this not long before going to bed, so yeah, not my most accurate work :blobshrug:

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