block rec, nazi enabler 

Got a new instance ( wanting to, theoretically, platform and "in good faith" discuss with actual nazis.

Attached picture [CC] is of the admin of said instance.

They claim to be the first Danish instance, which would be very sad if this trash is gonna have this title. Not sure if that's true tho.


re: block rec, nazi enabler: CONTEXT 

after discussion with tootuals++, I see now it's a better idea to link the original thread

so decide for yourself if you still wanna block after reading more of the context

my stance hasn't changed, but yours might))

re: block rec, nazi enabler: CONTEXT 

I see the post aren't available anymore on this instance, but it's still up here.

re: block rec, nazi enabler: CONTEXT 

@namtari personally i thought the context made it so, so much worse!

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