ok what's up with oslo having the whitest sushi ever

more specifically, the sushi that is deliverable with foodora, is even "whiter" than the one we had in gdansk, which is really quite telling when oslo people and norwegians in general like to think of themselves as so bloody international and hip

like yeah, californian rolls aren't foul tasting, but when you only have things with avocado and cream cheese; when you only have aburi (lightly grilled) nigiri or tempura maki, then you're not really trusting your customers too much (and that's 99% probably because of the customers)


not trying to be just another food elitist, but to appease the "picky" oslo palate, instead of challenging them with the variety of sushi that exist is a bit like serving a "french cheese platter" consisting of gruyere, comte and brie

and just to be absolutely bloody clear, I am blaming the customers here

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