fact: we need untraceable decentralised digital currencies

also fact: current shitcoin schemes are not the way to do it

"nobody uses crypto because it's useless" and "we just use our bank apps lol" are such a bad and uninformed takes I can't even


sadly the only way of being virtually totally anonymous today is to use some form of shitcoin, whether that is to buy drugs or setting up a liability free seedbox

and until that is not the case anymore (which I hope is fucking soon, but I'm not gonna hold my breath) stop demonising people occasionally using crypto and point your finger towards cryptocapitalists and schemers

just to be clear though, NFTs are still inexcusable and should be burned on the stake (:

@namtari We need a replacement for physical money that's not putting it all in the hands of banks
@namtari like for a place full of communists fedi seems horribly uninterested in preventing banks from having too much power

@Mae probably because at least half of them love a centralised state a bit to much than we're comfortable with (:

@Mae yup, my bet is on unnecessarily small zubrowka vodka bottles to be the new currency, but I might be slightly optimistic 🤷‍♀️

@namtari i think you might have some misconceptions about exactly how anonymous btc is

@streetlight nope, fully aware, which is why I say virtually

also not necessarily talking about btc

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