mastodon OS:

all processes in mastodon OS are toots that are sent to other instances

they are subsequently added to a federated blockchain where the computations are completed and then sent back to the server as a reply. To get consensus in the blockchain, other servers retoot it and add it to their blockchain and favourites when they have also computed it and the hashes match

this will revolutionise the way we think about data

I've attached a clip from the conference explaining more the highlights of the technology

@namtari > not sending the full version
and here i thought i was in for a good time... :Akko_Sad:

@namtari if you don't get banned for this, we need to update our TOS

@namtari blockchain has just hit its most advanced interation possible. Can't wait to put MastodonOS on my TI84.

@namtari I had been suspicious of all blockchain technology, but the video you shared really convinced me. Looking forward to this new computing revolution

@animerrillproductions thank you for being so acceptive and seeing both sides 🙏 🚀 🌔

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