so far I have labelled my spice cabinet containers

they reminded me more about specimen than spices, hence the naming scheme

originally, I started labelling cumin as "coomin"

then I promptly redecided that and subsequently my entire life

the name may be inspired by the only decent person from sweden: Simone Giertz

this is actually my third brother product

yeah, that's right epson

fuck you and your shitty epson fx and esc/p(2) standards, and your shitty inkjet printers, and your stupid logo, and your pandering to "reusable ink" once you made one yourself aeons after people said you were a shit company

(for ref., I have literally nothing against the esc/p standard, just really like to shit on epson)

@namtari I had a somewhat similar looking (but not as well rhyming and yellow) Dymo one, presumably got it from dad for Christmas, cause he's the one using it the most now

@owl @namtari I could have lived without being made aware of the connection between moomin and coomin 🥴

@schratze @owl (if you read this with "thunderstruck" melody, ur based)

@namtari @owl but see, this is why German is the more rational language. There is hardly any connection between Mumin and KREUZKÜMMEL

@schratze @namtari kreuzkümmel elves :)

Moomins are múminálfarnir

@sireffe it goes well with the blue buttons, green buttons (??) and purple cutter button (???)

@namtari my fav Swedish person (possibly because I don't know any others but let's ignore that fact)

@namtari joking aside, I've had mine for 15+ years and it keeps kicking. Organize all the things!!!

@namtari The yellow is fab. I'm getting this kind of feel seeing ours side by side:

@namtari It took me years to realize my family's Brother inkjet printer could be used with just the IPP Everywhere driver
And I have to run the cleaning procedure pretty much every time I want to print something lol

@namtari Still better than having to go to the faculty lab to print something (especially now that it's closed for students)

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