can we get a thread going on moderation and anti-harassement tools to use with mastodon? I'm thinking used by either users, admins or both.


I know many people are running it on their servers, but it's hard to find the repos of such, if they even exist, that is.

it's super hard to do pre-emptive moderation with vanilla masto imo, at least in a sufficient manner, and the answer isn't to do centralised moderation decisions I think. It's way too much power and responsibility. Admin/user power difference is already problematic enough.

Democratic moderation per instance would be ideal, for example a perpetual poll concerning where to direct certain moderation actions.

The report system is inefficient and slow, and I think such a system would lower the bar for users voicing their opinions and it'd ease the responsibility on mods.

A very similar tool (at least in spirit) is the shinigami eyes browser extension that mark thing as trans positive or anti-trans.

A democratic approach to moderation would not be to give in to algorithmic timelines as nothing would really be "automated", unless you consider voting a member of that category.


I've been working on a moderation tool, but I've kinda given up on it because it's firstly not democratic, and it really didn't ease up the pressure on admins. Quite the contrary, it was a part of why I had to take a break from fedi. So the approach is definitely spreading the responsibility, accountability and availability across the instance. Centralisation and black boxes bad.

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