microfiction, but it's all in the styles of very angry letters and e-mails

oh even better:

MF, but it's a letter sent to you in the mail and it's all typed out on a typewriter and because of the ease of changing out names with the IBM 6747-2, it's somewhat scaleable

and it's mostly letters from Xaafia, a depressed and bored office worker working for [REDACTED]. Some of the letters could have coffee stains on them, or maybe even cigarette burns.

And then sometimes it would contain additional items to add to the tactility.

the main reason that I'd never do this is because I wouldn't be comfortable with having people's addresses

inrel that, we should really employ the use of anonymous letter depos. You send someone a letter, it has a reference number, and you show that reference number to pick it up. No ID required.


the only reasons this doesn't exist are because:

  1. Most postal services are controlled by old people who hates innovation
  2. They are controlled by megalomaniac bodies such as governments and corporation who would really like to fucking know (or at least have the ability to know if needed) who you are and are talking to at all possible times.
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