@namtari let's just be voidpunk together forget physical forms

@namtari Post-gender.

What is this thing called gender?

It's interesting to think that gender wouldn't really matter, if society stopped enforcing the social limitations of gender

Like, if pronouns had never been gendered to begin with. Toilets had always been universal. There hadn't been different sections in the clothing store for boys and for girls. Without the material limitations demanding the identification of a gender, we could all just had been everything and nothing at the same time.

@namtari And in fact Donna Haraway, a philosopher identifying as socialist-feminist, argued for eventual end to gender in her vision of a future society in which the gradual cyborgification of human beings would make all matters of human "essence" or a fixed human nature, such as that attributed to genders; entirely superflous, unnecessary, not really appropriate. Humans become mixings of parts, instead of "types" and "categories"

I recently read her essay "A Cyborg Manifesto", can recommend

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