I've barely been online this week apart from work and I'm exhausted

I think I need to step away from computers outside of work for a while tbh

yes, I think that's a good idea

so, any admin stuff on tootsite contact either @katnjiapus , @laughwhilecrying or @ftw

I'm probably not gonna respond to dms on most platforms, but for those who have me on discord you can try there I guess can't promise anything tho

c'y'all later :blobCatMelt:

the monies, dysphoria 

another reason for my stress lately is that I cannot seem to rack up enough funds to actually save anything, so I'm considering moving and potentially even changing my workplace (last resort tho)

it's a bit hard to try to invest in procedures and products that will make me more femme when simply living drains my bank account

so I think I'll have to cut back on spending in general for a little while and maybe sell some things off like my racing wheel and maybe my old gaming laptop


re: the monies, dysphoria 

I also have some masc clothes that I could consider selling, but unsure how much effort I should put into selling something I can get only a couple of hundred crowns for, when I could invest that time in more productive things that could actually give me a larger payout in the future (such as learning a new programming language or something idk)

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