trans +/- 

got some clothes that made me really euphoric and happy today

you know what's not happy

my wallet

being trans is expensive fuck

trans, 2nd hand clothes -- 

really wanna buy more clothes second hand but I cannot try them, I cannot send them back if they don't fit, Norwegian cis girls are scary and make me feel uncomfortable and I don't want them harassing me

so weh

trans +/- 

@namtari no no, thats not being trans, but having the energy to buy clothes and have an actual good selection of clothes to pick from

trans +/- 

@horzion I'm not sure I understand, it's late here :S

trans +/- 

@namtari its late here too. what i want to say is tho, living in general is expansive enough. anyway, happy that you got yourself nice clothes. wish i would get around for some fine dresses

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