there are many bullshit arguments against socialism and communism, but one I understand is when they are afraid that the health services are gonna be whatever is cheapest for everyone without focus on the individual

there are many examples of this in the scandinavian health services, especially in psychiatry and mental health in general.

Also with chronic diseases such as CFS, MS and ME, the norwegian health service has had a history of not taking such patients seriously and having incredibly long and troubled process of being diagnosed

so yeah, next time you hear some liberal preaching about how amazing our health services are, maybe care to check with us first :D

also, the problem with the mentioned above is ofc not socialism, but abelism, treating patients as they are part of an assembly line, and trying to do socialism in a heavily capitalist sector

we need to do better, but the answer is more socialism, not less

🌹 🌹 🌹


when I say "liberal" here I mean any socdem who thinks our system is literally a gift from god; it's not, it's sometimes barely functioning and the covid queues has shown that to be all too true

@namtari might just add it (social democracy) has a really well documented history of securing wealth and equality in the world, maybe the best.

There might hypothetically be better policies than the nordic model

But there isn't that much evidence in the world and history that socialism can do the same.

This might be the most fundamental and essential argument if discussing social economic policies

@christoffer @namtari
The problem is that there are too many branches of socialism. Instead of being united, they split academic hairs and in the meantime the economic injustices keep piling all over the world...

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