@314 I see your cydr lubelski and raise with a dziki sad

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I'm feeling the love in this fedi tonight

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Just wanted to boost a couple self promo things today (I promise this will be rare) just because I'm reaching the end of my project now.

The first is a gif of the results from a full week of livestreams to develop a game jam entry (due on Sunday!!) that I think is pretty cool.

@AniMerrill I might have some objections to the stinging in the eyes :blobcatyandere:

@Miredly markov chain based dialogue would probably be an easy first step

@314 I'm in a similar situation, lyfs hard :blobsadeyes:

@314 gotten positive results so far in destiny, but still hard to get used to, especially ergonomics-wise compared to the xbone controller

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The moon is so bright today, calling it "nighttime" would be dubious.

@ella_kane just remote desktop into the browser version on your pc 🙃

@ella_kane yeah, until then I guess we have the browser :blobshrug:

@ella_kane mastalab, but only the basics like reports and new accounts afaik

bdsm, vr 

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