TIL sport dresses is a thing and they look super comph, especially for beach sports 🏖️

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Tootsite is a proud sponsor or the flag agenda :blobCatEvil:​

:flagAnToot:​ :flagPride:​ ​:flagPrideAlt:​
:flagQueerVillainPride:​ :flagVoidpunk:​ :flagPan:​
:flagBi: ​:flagGenderQueer: ​:flagEnby:

:flagMLM:​ :flagLesbian: :flagSapphic:
:flagAce: :flagNoLabel: ​:flagMonsterfuckers:
​:flagPiratbyraan: ​:flagJollyRoger: :flagHongKongDistress:

:flagNORway: ​:flagFranceThinque:​ :flagSapmi:
:flagUSDistressColor: ​:flagUSDistressMono: :flagAnCom:​

(Feel free to steal :kopimi:​)

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Ah, yes, Brave. The homophobe's cryptocurrency browser.

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now streaming celeste OST because it's awesome but also because trans rights

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aaaaand we're live

starting out with some synthwave, then we'll se what we move onto next


final alternative:

I will play around with my guitar and make semi-inappropriate jokes with every other sentence ending in "support trans rights or I'll show'ya what pain is"

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I'm gonna stream some music soon from either my cassettes or LPs

What'd'y'all rather want me to stream

@owl atreus has 42 keys, 40% usually ~47 so you definitely have galaxy brain

plus 42 is the answer to the universe so 🤷‍♀️

anything less than 40% ortholinear is automatically galaxy brain

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the smaller the keyboard,
the bigger the brainz

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dear software devs

I have a higher chance of using your app if its possible to make it purple :)

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@deidara "it's hard to believe at the same time I'm not in the slightest surprised" is actually an mood for entirety of 2020 and probably 2021 as well :/

@deidara wait, it's iOS only, it's invite only, it's audio only, and yet it's already infested by right-wingers?

it's hard to believe at the same time I'm not in the slightest surprised

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