k time to tell my friends abt mastodon

@deathy the only reason why the intonation is different, is because of the rotten fish that they eat

I think @namtari will like this opinion:
Thijs (Dutch HS streamer) just said Swedish is kinda a mix between Dutch and German. :blob_cat_peek:

@namtari ok time to find a new instance, the few hours spent here have been enjoyable

Why can't apps agree on whether to use C-q or C-w to quit?

I'm gonna start saying XD from now on

don't @ me

@uwu yeah, just because one's SO have racial slurs, it's not an excuse to use them

however, I am guilty of plenty of French jokes, just because @adamanthorse is french

@uwu you'll fill out a whole sheet pretty quickly, trust me, I live in Poland

still shook that that wasn't eve but i should've known because the first post wasn't "i have arrived at tootsite. i am terrified"

If you have never played any of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series games, why are you still breathing

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Just a general instance with a catchy name.