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we already have the technology for turning boys into cute catgirls

Me: "Oh no, my bicycle broke. Now I need to bring my bicycle to a mechanic. Oh noes, I neglected to go to the mechanic due to [insert bad excuses]. Now I need to skip lectures to have time to bring it to a mechanic."

Also me: *reattaches bike chain with no effort after skipping uni*

I am not as rational as I like to think I am.

lmao do people not read the text that says i dont want comments if we're not friends?? instant block

okay, lucifer is actually pretty good, pretty funny as well, regardless of what swedes say

that new song with miley cyrus fucking slaps and im glad she seems to be doing better lmao

i like this instance, maybe i should make a new account without this trash username lol

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Just a general instance with a catchy name.