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@namtari me checking my pinned toots to see if youre talking about me

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you know that feeling when ur really thirsty but you just chewed gum or used mouthwash so when you drink it's not satisfying at all? What's up with that

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clicks are a bit too hard for my taste, but at least it has horisontal scroll wheel 🤷

just got the logi mx3

my mx1 broke down

Imagine being the topic of all a person's pinned toots

cybertruck > whatever the fuck Renault was up to in 2005

I guess this is what you get when trying to integrate a gql system into a purely rest oriented one

tried graphql apollo today

failed miserably

I think I bought it when I was like 10 or something

somewhere I still have a swedish to greek tourist guidebook in basic phrases, before EU times so they still use drachmae

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Javascript is very much like English:

It's unnecessarily irregular

Everyone's doing it, albeit with each their own unique implementation

Almost all modern jobs require it

It's based upon a heritage of languages that probably was arguably much better, but now we're stuck with this jumbled mess

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Today is a perfectly gloomy and foggy autumn day but it's also so fucking cold rip

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thanks bro, now I know that linux t-shirts are cultural appropriation and oppression I will go back to windows I GUESS °

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Doctor: - I have bad news
Me: - Oh no..
Doctor: - I'm not a doctor
Me: - But you just gave me surgery
Doctor: *whiny coice* --bUt YoU jUsT gAvE mE-- Shut the fuck up! that's why it's bad news

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