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if you don't have your academic paper version controlled with git, I feel really bad for you

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arch bishop, the bishop that wont shut the fuck up about free open source software

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Why bend down to turn on computer, when you can just make power button for desk? :DDD

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🇺🇸 in God we trust
🇳🇴 in COD we trust

also, I'm still sorry for that roller blind I was trying to close and may have fucked up.

I still think about that thing every time I'm closing a window

One of the best time in upper secondary was the week were we visited Amersfoort and t' Atrium

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sometimes i dont understand a meme bc im not in the fandom but ill like it anyway cause i like the format

actually, it is 30 usd for both the parts, not each

still though

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Protip, if you ever need the postal service to actually give a shit about your package, stick one of these stickers on it:

Disney: Wall-E
Samsung: 🅱️allie :joylmfao: :joylmfao: 👌

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