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Where do you even post art assets that you think might be useful for someone but not necessarily posted on Fedi?

Either way for folks out there, I emoji'd the heart icon for Killer Queen's ability "Bite the Dust" that was shown in the anime.

Fedi, but written in Python

hence, 50% of the pull requests will be techbros PEP-8ing

my hair is finally long enough so that I can have it in a ponytail :sparklesBi:

re: ph/mh (+) 

It has helped putting on nail polish, and that's what eventually made me fully abstain from ruining my fingers

getting some new nail polish in a few days, along with my first manicure kit so that will be pretty pog

also thinking about getting a french manicure done professionally when the world becomes a bit safer :3

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re: ph/mh (-) 

ironically, I quit, and then started nic again for a period (have stopped now) but I was still biting my nails 🙃

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ph/mh (-) 

the reason why it's so bad is because my nails and fingers are almost properly healed after years of biting and mistreatment bco. stopping nicotine and anxiety

and having them just break really stresses me out as it reminds me of the pain I often had the last few years

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two of my nails broke today
one broke yesterday

I'm gonna RAGE

happy trans day of visibility <3

(although the entire year around would be nice)

you post link to nazi lbry videos, you get banned


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