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it really means the world to me, I hope I can pay it forward similarly when I know more one day

thanks :blobCatHeartPride:

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this is one of the weeks where I really love fedi

y'all awesome omg <33

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macron get slapped :catAngry:

macron sends police to beat up yellow vest protestors and spray them with a substance that cannot be used in war and pepper them with rubber bullets? :awesome:

the pricing schemes in my region are a bit difficult to predict, and they all have their x% off after nth time or variety of it

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for people who did/are doing laser facial hair removal:

how many sessions did you need and could you shave as normal in between the treatments?

(this is a shitpost, don't come out to your landlords)

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coming out to my landlords today
here's to hoping they'll accept me

Closed source with open source characteristics

Ég var að borða eista með Eista, sitjandi á eistunum með Eistunum.

I was eating a testicle with an Estonian, sitting with bare testicles with the Estonians.

hva skal de lære av de uansett, hvordan de henlegger voldtektssaker og banker opp demonstranter og rusavhengige?

det er de i så fall jææævlig dyktige til

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and the name and url to the queercosystem?

Queer Fidelity

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funny how i'm not bothered by anything being down so far

Absolutely nobody:
Me: Neutrinos are enby particles :blobThinkhyper:

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