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Aww, found a cute little microchip outside the local university here. :3

Fae (xe/xyr): Hey, may I have your pronouns? 🧚
Me (they/them): Sure. It's they/them :blobCatHappy:
Fae (they/them): Thanks! :sparkles2:
Me (/): Wait... :blob0w0:

are there anyone in the space that have some tips for getting better at this specific problem? Also, how to make my writings sound less like an activity log, that would be nice

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writing microfiction today wasn't too bad, it's something that I wanna get much better at, or fiction in general I guess.

I usually only read and write technical texts (mostly documentation) and I while my imagination isn't defunct, I have hard times putting it on paper

the fact that dark mode is still a setting i need to toggle proves to me that, at the very least, every big company dev is not a human with human eyes or SOMETHING.


Adafruit shilling NFTs was definitely not on my bullshit bingo card for 2021.

i'll just... go to sleep and when i wake up i want this all to have been a really bad dream.

Open for modem humour 

It's a baud joke

@namtari then blockchains are the hellest of hellthreads

and I will also try to record it as a stored job so I can go back and edit it and maybe have it auto retyped as justified so I wouldn't have to do the hyphenisations myself.

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I think next time I write some microfiction, I'm gonna have slightly wider margins, maybe ten columns more or so.

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get pumped up kicks playing in my brain again
remembering what the song is about


change your pronouns, change your name, be outrageously queer (in a way that makes your younger self smile), buy that nail varnish, wear that skirt, get that tie, talk to that cat, do that time warp again

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I may or may not have written some microfiction

it's sunday, you know what that means

a week of looking forward to the next pub on saturday :blobCatHeart:

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