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it's garbage disposal day today

jeffrey is going to space

Ace and Aro community should bring back the words "squick" and "squish" those were great words very useful

@ftw still in like super early planning stages, but I think the general idea we have is pretty solid

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ok so @ftw and I talked about this aaaaand we might do something with this idea. So probably not on physical medium, but we'll try to retain the tactility in the final output of the project

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@namtari @laughwhilecrying

So at this point I have worked out a script for showing the book to friends that always blows their minds. I now wish to share it with you, because, yes, bragging rights:

- Ok, so this is a book by J.J. Abrams. Yes, the director.
- So inside is a book by V.M. Straka, a fictional author. No, the _author_ is fictional... Don't worry about it.
- So it is a library book, as you can see by the stamps.
- And people have written notes in it, like loads of notes. So if you read the notes, there are two connected stories. Three if you count all the newspaper articles, notes and postcards attached.
- No none of it is real. Nothing is real. But is anything real anyway?
- Why are you leaving. Isn't my book cool??

This is why I have no friends. It's 1:30 AM. Goodnight.

@namtari I think there could hardly be a better redemption of norse mythology from the clutches of nazis, than making Antifa Thor artworks

*so that we can weed out nazis from that stuff, it was supposed to say

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it's really important that us scandinavians actively gatekeep our heritage so that we can weed out nazis that stuff. That includes not being a dick to progressive people when they wanna use the symbols, or when someone frankly just didn't know that horns on helmets still weren't a thing.

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so if people think you're acting sus because you're wearing a norse symbol, always remember that (these days at least) these symbols need context.

So say you have pins on your backpack, and you want to have Mjollnir or something. Maybe pair that with a progress pride pin or an antifa pin, or something along those lines. That's excellent context.

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like that's one of the main reasons I don't wear any norse symbols or anything, because without context it's really easy to jump to conclusion for others

that, and the fact that religious and spiritual stuff gives me anxiety

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it always worries me that whenever I'm talking about norse culture or showing appreciation for it, that I'm gonna get someone thinking that I sympathise with the right-wing chuds appropriating our heritage. Like I know I'm trying to take it back, but I still get this feeling idk

the only reasons this doesn't exist are because:

  1. Most postal services are controlled by old people who hates innovation
  2. They are controlled by megalomaniac bodies such as governments and corporation who would really like to fucking know (or at least have the ability to know if needed) who you are and are talking to at all possible times.
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the main reason that I'd never do this is because I wouldn't be comfortable with having people's addresses

inrel that, we should really employ the use of anonymous letter depos. You send someone a letter, it has a reference number, and you show that reference number to pick it up. No ID required.

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and I've repressed this for so long because I was raised in a time when it was not only encouraged to discourage the use of physical mediums, but even required.

Many reasons for this, and it's definitely something I wanna unpack someday, just not today :3

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and it's mostly letters from Xaafia, a depressed and bored office worker working for [REDACTED]. Some of the letters could have coffee stains on them, or maybe even cigarette burns.

And then sometimes it would contain additional items to add to the tactility.

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oh even better:

MF, but it's a letter sent to you in the mail and it's all typed out on a typewriter and because of the ease of changing out names with the IBM 6747-2, it's somewhat scaleable

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microfiction, but it's all in the styles of very angry letters and e-mails

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