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Caught you simping for a FOSS developer that doesn't care about you

Introducing The Official Mastodon App for iOS*

*You must be rich to download
Terms and lack of services may apply

we already have a function to filter in only the languages we want

you should know because YOU PUT IT THERE FFS

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Mastodon grumbling 

So this hiding away of the federated timeline isn't a benefit to new users at all, nor an "ignorance is bliss" convenience, it's absolutely a harm and putting new users that don't understand the dynamics here into an avoidable danger

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Under The Great Gorgon's Divine Ruleset, me posting in my native languages is undesirable.

The Great Gorgon has spoken.

In UX tests with randomly selected, non-technical people, stumbling upon or has predominantly led to frustration either through language barriers, spam, or not safe for work content.

mastodon software meta :dont_at_me: :boost_ok: 

it’s very clear that gargron is just wanting to make as much money as he can with mastodon and nothing else. the sad reality of things is that we think as people who arrived in 2016/2017 and the people who are adjacent to this community, we’re now insignificant to him because there has been huge user waves to come by since that really outnumber us who are just using it as a platform and going with the flow of gargron’s shitty personal vision without caring much about it. he’s catering to them now because they’re the ones who bring in the money and who bring in new people, that’s all

everything that was good about mastodon’s team was mostly the products of a lot of the early contributors who were burned out by gargron because only his vision ever mattered to him

If you want a good Mastodon app on iOS I personally am biased towards Metatext.

It doesn't take crucial features to Mastodon out and offers a lot of really dope customization options that aren't in anything else

Support the Mastodon-forks. Mainline hasn't deserved it for a long time...

Idea: always ask for people's surname if you're working in delivery etc

Then you sound super cool and you don't risk deadnaming anyone :D

And yes, always delete to clipboard. If there's one thing vim got right is to always store what's deleted. So many times I've deleted something only to need it five seconds later

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this also extended to drawing, I'm terrified of making mistakes I can't ctrl+x or just "u" if you're a vimmer

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one good thing with all this typewriter stuff is that I'm finally not cringing every time I ruin a blank sheet of paper

you have no idea how bad it was initially

fun fact the uber ride home was more expensive than the typewriter itself lol

I was gonna do public transport, but it was just way too heavy and my wrists couldn't take it :/

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so apart from cleaning out dust and tar, I also made the EOL bell working, fixed some stuck keys and assessed minor damages of which I have to resort to the manual on how to fix

oh, and I also found a coin from 1985!!

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notice how you can see no electronic parts, because there aren't any

the only electric thing is the motor, everything else is just mechanical

so fucking cool

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