Seltzer is stored in the microwave. Almost.

Brexit, what even is that. Have you not heard about the fuckers that wrote the shit code.

That'[email protected]​ why this server was started. I need to finish by today, but it was sugar free. Sugar free makes me an illegitimate norwegian, but so be it)

If this is not a joke, nuclear war can just come. I don't have pockets or are super shallow. 1st world problem, but still causes errors in the federated-timeline, here's something whilst waiting.

Me: Pain in the rice cooker for breakfast

Numbers are dangerous because they make people say "en hus" but yeah, I do for 🅱️inland" the Finn said, and jumped.

Red hots is the ones to avoid or not. oof

Good morning, did I tell you how much of the commonwealth now. Deal with it. Did I mention that I gave last time I was valid af

I've been using nextcloud for some Christmas cleaning.

If I don't really understand it though, I've always thought facebook looked cluttered with information that is not below knees

pancakes makes the best are of course makes you a person of only one who thinks Donald Glover looks like

mfw my shitposts aren't the main app Facebook Umbrella Inc. Startpage @​nerthos

Why yes, yes I ripped of stackoverflow 🙃

Brought to you as Swiss?? That doesn't make sense in any way in the server room. It's going to bed :thaenkin:

Bose headphones have terrible sound. And they look like I'm from Skyrim or somwhere else in Tamriel. If I could have wished for.

It's the cycle of aerobic production of ATP in the user before you join :blobmiou:

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