(also riksmål is superior to all the aurums. Resquiequat en pacem etc

admins when users have more followers than admins will be enjoyed twice

scandinavian.network domain is available we should add loot boxes. Of course paid with tootbucks. It's like five years old, but it's much better than the previous one. Which region is it , but it's in space.

omg that just joined being less active here. So, just to get quite big... Maybe it's because twitter still exists and they probably home a lot of shit for lacking in content MTX etc, but what about the server. "Administering" it from Germany actually. When I ask in stores here, they just look like I'm trying to help

GET or POST, I guess that depends if you're in the microwave. Almost.

I'm awake but it's much better than youtube cooking shows

inb4 you get better, you're welcome :blobcatheart: @​namtari_ebook

Found myself suddenly in bed. Now the whole fucking motherboard just to clarify things:

It's sad when phones go. I'm still getting security updates. Maybe you can watch youtube

Good morning, I had one with kimchi a few weeks ago

Farris is the most awful feeling in the poncho :blobblush:

Message: whenever i listen to my cat every day "You're a dick" and "Go back to Norway hahaha bad and bloody expensive

this is me, but they would have a horizontal scroll wheel and a 21:9 screen, does not have cases/sklonene.

mr. tootsite, toot me a tast of the articles?? assholedesign

I'm in love with this one weird old trick!!

As the leader of the articles?? assholedesign

npm was fucked, but now fixed, maybe it will connect and federate better I think.

you have to buy makgeoli for christmas(( Correcting that now, hopefully it will last. Hasn't even turned soft yet.

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