or, like. What if he had an accident in one of his cars. Down in the stupid "Loop" or whatever. What then

what if he like. Stepped on his rocket and it malfunctioned and he was flattened into a pancake and then burned to a crisp

what if Elon Musk actually went to Ukraine and a tank rolled over him and squashed him flat. And the treads gave him a neat, like, waffle pattern

what if Elon Musk was shot dead by a trans person with a Gauss rifle

@nightjar It would reveal he is a cartoon character like Judge Doom in "Who framed Roger Rabbit"

death and violence 

@nightjar ooh what if he was riding in the hyperloop and halfway along the batteries in his glorified taxi ruptured and he burned to death in a conflagration of hubristic irony

@nightjar @owl < he has invented þe story of him being an inventor ❤️ ⭐

@Paradox @owl Elon Musk killed by the story of him being an inventor

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