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Hey there! Just a note for anyone who doesn't follow me yet: I will almost exclusively approve followers if I already know you and interact with you. Otherwise i will probably just reject to keep my private space. Nothing personal!

my mom is telling me about how apparently some of our ancestors were Huguenots which is something I have never heard of before

wait there already is one, it’s like “the society” or something and it’s a body horror movie about rich people being cannibal monsters

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er, a horror movie. i dont really watch movies unless they’re snobby horror movies for art house hoes like me

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ill learn what marx said when theres a movie of it

i only read to strengthen or solidify my vocabulary and my english word treasure is already lit as hell so i only read if its german. only if its a challenge. Im a hardcore reader

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checking the clock again and huffing angrily as i find out that it is still two god damn weeks until animal crossing even though it’s been two hours

the "a" in lgbtqia stands for the most oppressed group, people who actually write lowercase a with the hook thing on top

regrettably still two weeks until animal crossing

uspol + 

Mike bloomberg ads have been replaced on the radio by Bernie Sanders ads, it's a good fucking day


Warren dropped out holy shit it's a one on one game now

Yeah, I'm a sapiosexual. My favorite position? Why, quantum superposition, of course

@garfiald jeez, is everybody on the fediverse communist

You’ve all been extremely generous and I completely understand if you’re sick of these posts, can’t help, don’t want to help or share, or whatever. But if any of you can help in any way, this is fucking important and if we miss either of those payments to the landlords, if we’re late by a single day, the debt gets doubled. That’s the shitty fucking deal our lawyer took. I really hate that this is the position we’re in, but we are.

Honestly, even if anyone has the money for me to borrow some portion of it, I’ll sign a contract and pay you back on a set schedule. I just really need to get this done.

To everyone who has already helped, to anyone who is about to help, and to anyone who has just tolerated these fucking posts, seriously, thank you.
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

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I seriously have less than $5 to last me until Friday

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