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never mind i'm just gonna delete for a while. i can't take this fucking place. too many people on this site have a lot of learning to do.

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Hey there! Just a note for anyone who doesn't follow me yet: I will almost exclusively approve followers if I already know you and interact with you. Otherwise i will probably just reject to keep my private space. Nothing personal!

Gay polyam culture is gushing about your crushes to each other because you know they also kinda have a crush on your crush.

This gigantimax shit in sword and shield is so fucking badly done. Game freak is just a fucking bad company at this point like

liberals really like cheering at the blues brothers scene where they drive through the nazi protest making them jump off a bridge, then telling leftists that deplatforming is too violent

*on tour with the person who predicted sikh male headwear*

here I am
on the road again
here I am
up on the stage
here I go
playin star again
there I go
turban sage

Literally NOBODY becomes a cop to actually help ppl. Nobody. You become a social worker, a teacher, a fire fighter, a care taker, a nurse, a doctor, a sanitation worker, an organizer etc. You become a cop for power and control. If you’ve ever dreamed of bullying ppl, beating your wife, being the judge/jury/executioner with complete impunity, you want to be a cop.

I will never forget how white people celebrated when George Zimmerman got off.


who wants to send me money for the new pokemon game


Pokemon sword shield 

Pokemon sword shield 

Pokemon swsh 

I’m actually really good at flirting and let me tell you, the best flirting is the slow burn. Dropping hints over a long period of time while just hanging out. Also gives both of you time to figure out if you’re actually into eachother. Being friends first leads to longer and more consistent relationships

my belief that cis men trick people into being attracted to them through some sort of deception sure explains a lot about the first 24 years of my life

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