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Hey there! Just a note for anyone who doesn't follow me yet: I will almost exclusively approve followers if I already know you and interact with you. Otherwise i will probably just reject to keep my private space. Nothing personal!

gender isn't a spectrum, it's a game and I'm winning

every time someone on this websites gets outted as a racist someone should send me 50 bucks

i really cannot stress enough that the way white settlers talk about black/ brown/ asian/ indigenous folks and paint them in shades of blood thirst and barbarism is 100% a way that takes away our person hood. its a tried and true tactic devised to make us appear less than human. donald trump used this in his campaign and got away with it, and now we have literal concentration camps on US soil.

we're still people. i tried making a joke out of something said tonight and i couldn't. it hurt.

meta, racism, genocide mention 


“Human sacrifice was so barbaric*pearl clutch* oh hey let’s invoke the rapture by nuking Iran so White Jesus can return and we can all have a rad Heaven party 👀. Yea it’s 2020, why🤨?”

hot take but if your only purpose online is to grumble grumble be an asshole just

In case anyone somehow needed to be reminded ....

I am not the admin of MyAss. I'm not even a mod.

I'm just fucking loud and attentive and like my friends.


In case you can't tell

I'm fucking tired.



there have been NONstop attacks on members of MyAss.

From accusations of race faking. To misgendering. To calling us brutal savages.

Every. Fucking. Day.

Can we.... Stop?

Just. Don't be racist? Stop calling us savages? Stop calling us deranged? Stop using the same fucking language used to excuse the genocide against us?

We're tired y'all.

Our name is MyAss, we just wanna shitpost.

this is twice in two weeks that the mostly indigenous instance has been accused of savagery, using exactly the same language used against our ancestors to paint us as evil barbarians that, again, justified the cruelty done to them at the hands of colonizers. wild how this seems to keep happening.

myasstodon is the greatest instance and we're all lucky it exists

I gotta know. What am I this week?

Am I larping? Am I fundie? Am I Evangelical? Am I a cishet white male? Am I race faking?

Please white people of the internet, tell me what bullshit am I getting this week?

wow CJ did something problematic?? that's so rare and has absolutely not been something that's happened many times before including me having called them once out before myself in a public post.

wheres that race philosopher for justice poster x to defend us

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