Day 2 and Luna and Nyx have already settled down.

Went for an evening ride to cool off, found some nice woods, still pretty hot tho

New trailcam video!

Also, the bees seem to be very happy in their new hive 🐝

We had a swarm call today and now there are bees. They seem pretty happy in the hive, I hope they stay

I took a week off work to chill out, and spent most of it outside getting hot and tired. I feel much better for it though.

problem now is I want to go out more :p

Another trailcam video!

In this episode:
Lots of deer
A pheasant making noises
A newborn deer fawn!



Another lovely trailcam video for everyone:
This time:
- bunnies everywhere
- also some deer
- a bunny and a squirrel have a bit of a scrap

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