And the parents get one of those split heart necklace things.

And for gramps who plays skyrim too much, a bootleg amulet of Talos.

leather punches purchased.
chisels obtained.
firing up the wood burner.
time to make some yule gifts. 🎅

Well the space-x thing may have been cancelled but at least I got a clear moonless night for some stargazing

There's a dense low fog, everything is freezing over, but I stood out in the cold to take this. The orange glow is the lights from a house being carried on the fog.

For some reason all sites using clownflare (a surprising number) are loading hella slow for me...

Still hype over photographing my first nebula last night

Ooh, clear skies.... please hold out 🙏

Trying to take a picture of Orion being thwarted at every turn by British weather.

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