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arguably the best thing about tootsite is that you instantly follow me after joining

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in case anyone was wondering 

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I'm having this post-assignment mood where I'm doing nothing because I don't have energy for anything, and doing nothing gives me less energy

fun times

@pikachu one of my favorite lines is "a higher power will judge you for your indecency" "tom cruise?"

apparently i canceled someone on tumblr today?

I love that they have so many actors with the exact same energy in it lmao

wtf easy A is kind of a funny movie i didnt expect that akdhsjskhd

me: agonizes over the titles of my pieces of writing, trying to make them meaningful and true to the themes of the work

also me: writes a poem about how you can't control time and it will continue to pass after you're gone and titles it "wibbly wobbly timey whimey"

You know that joke where the second you hit order you're waiting on the doorstep for your package?

That's me with emails

last day of this shit assignment

I miss you people

@pikachu ugghhh yeah that's not a fun feeling :( guess I'll start getting the "give ruby money" parade stuff ready

finding out youve got a lot less money than you thought you did is always a bit disheartening

germans be thinking terrific has the same meaning as terrifying

when the ghost is going crazy it'll hopefully finally murder me soon

@pikachu that's how i felt when i saw some old bullies visiting hungary like no that's where MY family's from stop tainting it asdfsdajfkl

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