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arguably the best thing about tootsite is that you instantly follow me after joining

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in case anyone was wondering 

:best_pika: is :pikachub: but with my face, here it is:

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can we get a thread going on moderation and anti-harassement tools to use with mastodon? I'm thinking used by either users, admins or both.


Celebrating pride month by still not coming out to my parents

Celebrating pride month by culturing lung cells but like. In a gay way

Celebrating pride month by buying dramatic sunglasses and pretending it's the holidays despite having lectures every day

I'm dying and I'm glad tomorrow is the last day i cant pretend to be a mentally stable yoga-coffee-work type of person much longer

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my day is only halfway over and I already drank SO much water. mental stability, i know her

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today my alarm rang at 8, I got up three minutes after, did some yoga, got ready, had a coffee, looked at some material for today and now I'm waiting for the call to start in five minutes. soccer moms would be jealous of me

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have decided to just be neurotypical for the next four days. no depression this week, i have to work

AHHHH italy won eurovision they deserved it i loved their song soooo much

tell me you're a student household without telling me you're a student household
(bonus: guess what we're doing)

so we made simp lists, here's mine (incomplete obviously) :

(also yes im aware two are double, i forgot i already put them in)

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