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arguably the best thing about tootsite is that you instantly follow me after joining

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literally during a pandemic why make everything as hard as possible for your students???? why insist on having class in real time??????

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profs during online semesters: "i will not allow you to record my lectures nor will i provide recordings for you"
all students: "ok" *uses screen recording instead of in-app recording*

germans what do you say

im so done with online class.... it's not that it's gotten worse since the start of it all but i just dont have any energy for it anymore. prof says "now I'll put you into groups of 3 and you can talk about X" and im like *turns wifi off* "oh nooo my connection how could this happeeeeennn

Ajdbdvr don't mind me just over here losing my mind that I have to specifically request that websites "do not sell my personal information" and watch them try to guilt trip me into not doing that

Changed my profile pic again to represent my new current hair :_uwu:​

bruh i hate instagram instead of approving a follow request i started following that person, who i didnt plan on following aidbksjdhshdhs

i think am currently in the transition phase of "this edible aint shit" to "I've always wanted to fuck him"

watching Bridgerton and i cant believe they finally casted an actually handsome man as the love interest in one of these kinds of shows

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