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arguably the best thing about tootsite is that you instantly follow me after joining

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in case anyone was wondering 

:best_pika: is :pikachub: but with my face, here it is:

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I caved and made a tiktok account rubypika_ if y'all wanna follow

Me: I can't afford to pay $200 to get my screen fixed
Coworker: then just pay 10x that instead

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i thought we were hating on jerma turns out the memes were bc we love him?

having an epic rage moment bc i studied the rules/differences of when to use imperfetto and when to use passato prossimo and yet when i do exercises on this i might as well fill in the Opposite of what i think it is because I'm wrong the entire fucking time

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currently very frustrated because I'm supposedly on A1/A2 level of Italian but i also don't understand any italian

people who litter cigarette butts, how does it feel to have a dick so small?

@pikachu im loving EVERYTHING about this this is a LOOK omg 💞💕🔥🔥🔥 also your hairs looks so fluffy wtf

*taking off my glasses in the middle of work* i've seen enough for today

those "what happens in your mind when you see [math]" are annoying because i look at the numbers and absolutely nothing happens. not one thing

i will never understand why ppl caption the first few sentences of their video and then just stop doing it in the same video ?????

men play one assassin's creed game and think they can pretend they're historians

Should Norway invade Britain again? (:retootPlz:​)

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