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arguably the best thing about tootsite is that you instantly follow me after joining

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about to go to bed then i spotted a really gross big spider super close to my bed and now i cant go to bed obv but its too gross for me to get near it to get rid of it... should i ask my mom to come get it......

Today I learned a valuable lesson :meowBlush: :isabellerainbow: 🙏

Don't fucking burn your tortillas or else everything in your tiny apartment including your hair will smell like smoke

when we moved to Germany i attended a catholic school and sometimes i still think about the fact that none of the teachers bothered to tell me that i didnt need to participate in shit at church whenever they took us. i got that little ash cross on my forehead and i literally had no idea what we'd even been in line for or why we were doing that at all lmaoo

pic of me white girl wasted at a party in January watch out 

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y'all wanna see a pic of me that'll make you go "this girl's drunk as fuuuuck"?

i procrastinate one one paper by doing another one (that's due at a later date) but i never switch it up so it's still a bad system

taking a break after a test before an exam and two more tests by writing a paper

Tbh while I literally don't care if a person vapes as a choice, there's a certain pride in knowing that I am genuinely pissing off vape oil companies and manufacturers with my research

*Opens the box out of curiosity, only to see rows of fly and fish eyes on microscope slides*
Idk what I expected lol

[ID: Three blue boxes stacked on top of each other, each with a pink label on it. The top one reads: "Pretty Eyes," the second reads: "All Eyes on Me," and the bottom one reads: "Eyes Eyes Baby". end id

love how one of my finals is to design a final. thank you for that

Just heard someone refer to the umbilical cord as "Schnurbefestigung für Babies" which roughly translates to "string attachment for babies"

if atla wouldve gone on do you think azula could've gotten a redemption arc as good as zukos?

hearing about tuition costs at other colleges is so goddamn wild to me i pay less than €200 a semester and thats IT. the rest of my student loans go into rent and food (and savings but dont tell them that)

Also i just remembered these american girls i overheard in Amsterdam talking about when they were gonna smoke the weed they just bought and then one of them went like no we gotta wait cause i dont wanna be high at the anne frank house. props to her

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I wonder why random ppl feel the need to take and post smiling selfies in front of the anne frank house

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