people who eat fries completely drenched in cheese or sauce or whatever ..... why would you eat soggy fries ..?

@pikachu excuse me, loaded fries are the bomb. you're just gonna dip them in sauce anyway.

@funkeh uh if i dip my fries in sauce theyre not soggy though,,,,,

@pikachu loaded fries are a conspiracy by sauce and/or cheese companies to sell more sauce and/or cheese

@pikachu don't blame me for loaded fries, blame t h e m a r k e t

@funkeh soggy fries are pointless fries should be crumchy

@pikachu you know, i used to think that the word "pommie" was an insult to british people invented by germans because british people love "pommes".

i only found out the real reason like 30 seconds ago lol.

@funkeh i have never heard that word ever before but i also like pommes

@pikachu it was actually invented by australians and is derived from the term POME (Prisoner of Mother England) haha

i still like to believe that in an alternate universe my german theory holds true

@scribblefrog also i thought i was already following you lmao

@pikachu lmao ok big-timer 😤

(lmao i thought u were too WHOOPS)

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