apparently german physicians issue doctor's notes for crybabies who supposedly can't wear masks when going outside/into public places? hello???? what????????

@KleisterxD anscheinend solls wohl öfters vorkommen und restaurants undso müssen jetzt darauf hinweisen dass die stattdessen diese plastik hauben tragen sollen???? Weil die sich einfach weigern normale masken zu tragen weil die haben nen attest????? Hallo??????

Bob: mask on my face is hot, no like. Help me doc?
Doctor: Alright, Bob, I'm going to issue a prescription for a suppository with 100mg of grow-the-fuck-up and 20mg of do-the-right-thing. Use once a day, prior to leaving your home. Before you ask, no I can't, suppository is the only delivery method that will work.

@pikachu ask to see someone's note and then walk away with it and throw it in the trash lol

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