cw: mention of ed (getting better), body dysmorphia, body image 

so I've recently realized posing myself for art reference is pretty fun actually, and while I used it to blend it with a drawn reference (for better anatomy), I kind of started to think about drawing my body in general. Cause using myself as a reference kinda made me see some parts of myself in a different light.
I've been struggling with body dysmorphia for a long time already, but since January this year I've been working on getting over my ed, and thus gaining a lot of weight. Meaning I've been having a hard time feeling good about myself.
Anyway, so i felt like drawing myself to maybe make me feel a little better, or rather to just familiarize myself with my body again - something I've always struggled with a lot.
And I liked my art, so I'll post it in a reply to this!! maybe i can make it a more or less regular thread as I draw myself more often/get more comfortable with myself :blobOwO:


WIP art of myself 

:retootPlz: just a sketch for the next drawing in my lil thread to feel better about myself (idk how hands work dont mind that)
(please refrain from commenting on the body)

WIP art of myself 

@pikachu This is really good!

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