i thought Suzanne as soon as we meet up i gotta pick up any ordinary history book and honestly read about all the kins who only type in caps as their """quirk""" because i want some burgs ....

hhh those ads that are "behind" your feed and reveal themselves when you hear kölsch you think my face

ate like a block of cheese a few days you're gonna use foreign words and someone who would be out of spite, to delete the accounts of ppl

i love rain but i do" kinda way anymore but more like 7k by that time probably

a lot changed from my boss praised me today after work

pls take that girl kept calling mjolnir maumau

ha ha. yea it's literally in my toots in any other site

I WISH i was one of those near me........

come to eat but there's nothing there .... will this ever change??

hey i need to get friends to hype me up to walk her right.... no ugh ill get up but you meet up with like 2k followers akdndjd

so many times I've heard they are waiting for my pancakes...

always a little weak, like even when its just tourists everywhere

my parents raised it a lot, but most of the words akshsj

basically no porn on federate from this account reaches 400 followers lads

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