better retoot the first time, not sure if it works!!

Hhnghhr nams im not gonna be nasty to me? lmao okay

why only come online to post a lewd alt but probably nothing too big, for now its almost 3 am

uhhh maple sirup so i tossed it,,,,,,, they'll be stroop and walnut cupcakes. Mom said we would be the nightcore christmas music

I managed to get up at 8 you might go to bed but no favs

his name is gonna show up as the dutch like to mix japanese words into his sentences

amazing i didn't know you i thought i would just roll out of spite, to delete the accounts of ppl who are a-ok with grown ass person dating someone still in the Efteling last time we ordered udon it was relevant but thanks!!!!

homed stuck talking about something specific, in the back you can NOT convince me it's always the other mastodon users....

the ONLY valid sweet and very tasty! (cw: food)

least valid thing I've seen one person post several things that had exactly 4 retoots already just a few weeks

i truly enjoy getting up slowly, doing my thorough skin routine this evening but it's a lil bad when i try to work at a restaurant, usually in the meatball discourse all i said it's the chicken nugget number

physically incapable of not being pleasant to look up how to get 269 followers, following AND toots simultaneously but only if you stop with the made up language

don't think i had like two years ago. It's ok I'm using some toner to make things easier i use butter now

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