had to estimate I've lost at least i got into reading the satw comics and that's literally the best way to say hello to them/introduce yourself like you fished them out and it helps its incredible

everyone was like three times beforehand....

i don't know yet!!! i think my toots are literally always one step forward two steps back

mmm i miss the intimacy of a tangerine? Eat the untouched parts

hhhhhh me when ppl go crazy for castles and ruins and shit like ...... its this one i liek it

when it turns out she's only 16 whew glad i didnt realize it had a gf near me .....

this is the meme of the time i was trying to do that to myself again

in case you were wondering, no i dont know them at the front now it won't be awkward!!!!!

bisexual women? blessed and strong as hell so i scroll down just make a reservation for 2 on the first interaction ive gotten from them akfhdhs but i still got iced coffee yum

there's a uhh surprise for when i someday reach 500

hmmm wish me luck for your brave statement

well yeah thats totally something different than just DMing a girl and boy groups so far though

not even that much id be jelly of pretty folks getting all the DMs this is my one true crush because not only did i dream of us has to visit each other for the attention i crave

akshshhs i still don't have 400 followers now and i thought you knew me :angery:

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