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I fucking love being infodumped at by cute nerds tbh

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you sit there, with your map, filter and reduce...

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genderfluid shitpost 

I can be your girlfreind….or yuor boyfriend

not serious 

Mae doesn't like pear :( might have to break up soon

wish I had brought my hermit code with me .-.

selfie ec boosts ok 

anyone know what gender this person is?
*listens as the prosecutor reads back my best fedposts in court*

Haha that was a good one frfr

might redesign my site a bit to have more blog on my index page tbh

lewd, capitalism, really bad 

using “breathing? in this economy??” as an excuse to ask someone if i can choke them

this is the true meaning of self-documenting code

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I like how if I want to understand what a function does in Haskell you can just look at the signature 90% of the time

@luci arms are just analogue grenade launchers

basic technique: using individual country flags to mean individual languages

advanced technique: using three randomly selected flags to mean the concept of language overall

the point is to add context and if you already need some starting context to begin with, that's p much useless to me

due to the abbreviation you lose portability because if the person you're talking to is used to a different set of abbreviations or googles it and finds a different list than you've been using you get the exact thing you're trying to prevent: miscommunications about tone in text exchanges

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