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genderfluid shitpost 

I can be your girlfreind….or yuor boyfriend

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anyway imo people of any or no gender should kiss me :sparklesPan:

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BMX racing, also known as big lads on small bikes doing big crashes

smh a reboot fixed my running out of space issues

it took me thirty hecking minutes if not longer

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choker review: much euphoria

... which is unrelated to gender however since most of it comes from finally managing to get the fucker on me lmao

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yeah i play magic the gathering *deploys credit card*

Pro Tip: Telling your friends you love them is a good way to let your friends know you love them!

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cute name for ur bigender partner: bothfriend

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any good papers on malloc design?

like how to write a more efficient malloc than just the naive linked list approach

mh ---, sui (sorry) 

I feel like making big life decisions rn lol

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