I fucking love being infodumped at by cute nerds tbh

@riley I just had a shower dreaming about taking you to a bike shop so you could pick a bike and get a saddle fit and pick bar tape and bottles and pedals and straps and aaaa

@riley Was cute, you couldn't sit still on the butt scanner for long enough because you're a lesbian

@riley ask half the cute nerds you know to infodump about rust and you'll get multi-post long threads about it

honestly I hang out in the dark-arts (unsafe/qdvanced rust and compiler optimisations) channel on the community discord and infodumping is like half of what I do all day

it's great

@5225225 I kinda wanna know about the
the dark arts of Rust

@riley yep, that's one of the neurodiverse love languages that I respond really well to.

@charlotte so true

might have been an inspiration for the post I think

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