should come in tonight but I'm leaving today for a long weekend so looks like I'll miss it 😔

apparently all the mp3 players look like they'll break when you breathe at them or run android nowadays

@aety cowon has some cool looking designs imo

but also expensive as all hell, this one goes for like 2K i got rid of my cowon d2 a while ago, but it was still working. very good player for its time which one? i picked up a ruizu xo2 ages ago (well, a bootleg one anyway) that i use as a last resort backup for music. just sits in a spare backpack pocket and lasts something like 100 hours on a charge so it's always got some level of juice

i do miss decently made mp3 players that aren't either Super Hi-Fi Ultra FLAC players worth a million dollars or cheap ones made of Dusty Old Bones Full of Green Dust

@tempo damn same, I used to have a really nice one but my sister broke it lol

anyway I got a Cowon iAudio U7 now :3 looked it up, seems nice, does about the same stuff my current one does in terms of codec support and what not so they're probably a very similar chipset

i'd love to see some company make one of these basic music players with opus support so i can absolutely cram it full of low bitrate podcasts

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